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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Get Your Ex Back Advice - How You Can "Trick" the Male Brain by Pressing Male Emotional Hot Buttons!

Breaking up hurts. Whether you broke up with him and realize you made a mistake, or he dumped you, you often need advice on how to get your ex back to make sure you do things right. Love and relationships and how they work are based heavily on how our brains work, and how psychology affects us.

We all know that love is an extremely emotional and amazing thing to experience. In love, you are never thinking rationally, it is all based on instinct and emotion. You love with your heart rather than your head.

So the best way to get him back is to pull his emotional strings. These are known as male psychological or emotional "hot buttons." Which essentially means that you are appealing to his emotions to make him feel as if he cannot live without you and that he needs to be with you.

There is nothing deceitful or manipulative about using these hot buttons to your advantage to get him to come back. In fact many people do these things whether they do them consciously or not. The good news is, millions of couples everywhere are able to get back together, so why can't you?

The biggest mistake people make however, is trying to go it alone. A woman may "think" she knows what to do to get her man back, when in fact it's doing the complete opposite. Getting advice and good help is extremely crucial to whether or not you will get your ex back, or lose him forever.


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