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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Win Your Ex Back and Reclaim Your Happiness

Being alone is one of humanity's greatest fears. Surprisingly, however, there are many people who end up being lonely for a good portion of their live...

Richard Perkins
Being alone is one of humanity's greatest fears. Surprisingly, however, there are many people who end up being lonely for a good portion of their lives. Sometimes it is because they couldn't gather the courage to approach somebody they really liked, and other times it is because they had love and then let it go foolishly. Circumstances such as this require you to stop at nothing to get her back, as the more time you allow to pass, the more likely she'll be gone forever. Get your ex back now and do everything (within reason) that you can to make it happen.
Wooing your love back might work well. Reminding her of past good times when you were sweet and attentive proves that you're willing to try harder now. Resolving this issue would prove to be fairly easy if this is the case, as there is a plethora of ways to wear your heart on your sleeve and prove that you are, indeed, capable of being warm and sensitive. On the other hand, if the problem you have together is something deeper and more compelling than the lack of affectionate actions, there can be no band-aid solution for it.
You should list the major issues from which your relationship is currently suffering, and select the ones you are able to correct by yourself, like those that stem from your own failures. The problems your relationship has that are shared by your partner will require a joint resolution. In order to get your ex back under the right circumstances, you should have the perfect timing for everything. Remember the saying, to each its own time because it cannot be more applicable in relationships especially repairing them, or at least trying to.
And of course there are many other reasons why timing would play an important factor as well. But the worst reason of all is inaction. Not to try at all is not an option. Though we cannot control other people, we can be responsible for our own actions. If things don't work, at least you will know you did your best.
If you are not getting a response with chocolates and her favorite flowers, you could turn to larger gestures like dinners out or dropping a cup of her favorite drink by her place as a surprise.
If you think that you can get your ex back simply by doing things, you are sorely mistaken. Your ex will most likely desire a more permanent adjustment in your personality in addition to all the romantic things you are ready to do to reunite the two of you together. People get wiser after a breakup and you should expect this. If you have truly learned from past mistakes, then it won't take long for you to realize what your ex truly wanted from you, which will allow you to take the actions necessary to prove you can, and have, changed.
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